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We are an Organization of Advisors and Wealth Management Firms who support a higher standard of professional engagement to benefit client-centric relationships

Our Membership is comprised of

Fee Advisors

Wealth Management Firms

Registered Investment Advisors

Financial and Estate Planners

Trust Advisors



If you are such an advisor or firm - what is the benefit for you?

A time & cost effective resource to differentiate & expand your practice, through . . .

A Trusted Resource Partner who brings a New Universe of thinking as it relates to Risk Management; Life Insurance and Annuity Integration based on Stewardship Principles and Fiduciary Process.

All of which are based on the core foundational principles of Life Insurance Fiduciary Ethos©.

We call this environment LIFE 180°®

Integrating our Proprietary Information and Material with the expertise of Comprehensive Analytics, Inc., acts as an "offsite" partner for our members and their practice.

YOU maintain the relationship with your client; WE maintain our relationship with you.

How do you access our services?

We have designed our membership levels to accommodate a broad range of professionals; from the individual advisor to the larger advisory firm. We encourage you to join our network at one of the three levels of membership that best fits your practice model and goals. Visit our Membership Information Link, or call (586) 745-7037 today.

Joseph W. Maczuga, CFIS, Executive Director of the Fee Advisors Network - is a nationally recognized advocate of fiduciary ethics and risk management standards.

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