Our Mission and Overview

Our Mission Statement:

The Fee Advisors Network mission is to provide an environment of fiduciary protocol in life insurance and annuity planning. Our passion is to assist Financial Planners and Fee-Advisors, as well as their firms, in serving their clients with the highest quality of care, due diligence, fairness, and fiduciary standards. Our network offers a win-win: We provide the advisor complete fiduciary protocol; The client receives best-in-class service.

What qualifies us to accomplish this mission?

  • Experience
  • Autonomy
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Extensive Analytical Abilities
  • Unique Proprietary Analytical Tools
  • Implementation of the Prudent Principles within Life Insurance Fiduciary Ethos©

The Fee Advisors Network (Overview):

  1. A professional membership association of financial planners, advisors, consultants and firms committed to a high standard of fiduciary and ethical obligation in life insurance and annuity planning.
  2. Qualified and Experienced. We embrace the values of fee-engagement planning, but also understand how to appropriately conclude whether a commission-based product is the best unbiased choice for a given application.
  3. An outsource colleague for life insurance analysis and advanced risk management planning expertise and counsel.
  4. A leader in products and services related to fee-engagement life insurance planning. Our products include proprietary analytical tools and processes that are unmatched. Our services are specialized, reliable, and customizable to meet your specific requirements.
  5. The Fee Advisors Network does not represent a particular life insurance carrier. Rather, our processes help to select the appropriate policy offered by the most suitable carrier to achieve the identified purpose.
  6. Our members are exposed to a new approach of analytical planning; we call this environment LIFE 180°®.
  7. Members of the Fee Advisors Network represent a variety of professional designations, including: CFP, CLU, ChFC, LIC, JD, CFA, CFS, CPA, ChFP, FLMI, RFC, and LLIF.
  8. The Fee Advisors Network provides sponsorship opportunities to broker-dealers, advisory firms, and professional organizations. Representatives of our sponsors benefit from a sampling of the services our members enjoy.

We have designed our membership levels to accommodate a broad range of professionals; from the individual advisor to the larger advisory firm. Visit our Membership Information Link, or call (586) 745-7037 today.