Certified Fee Insurance Specialist Program

The Certified Fee Insurance Specialist Program is the first and only designation that distinguishes the practitioner as one who is knowledgeable in *fee-based life insurance design and functionality, encompassing competency in policy style, design, concept and efficiency considerations with full disclosure and fiduciary care.

The Certified Fee Insurance Specialist Program is a professional practice application designation.

CFIS™ Requirements

To receive the CFIS™ designation, you must complete and successfully pass a total of 5 courses. The required courses are:

  • Introduction to Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Life Insurance Concepts
  • Ethics for the Insurance Services Practitioner
  • Six Primary Foundations for the CFIS

Several of the courses are available for additional CE credits. When purchasing a course, you will be able to find out what CE credits can be applied for, the registration status for your State, and add that applicable CE credit to your account.

Once you have completed your selected courses, you will take the required exams online. WebCE will immediately grade and validate the results upon completion.

The CFIS™ designation is a “practicing” designation. Therefore, the CFIS™ advisor needs to participate in the stated capacity that the designation mandates.

To view curriculum and more information, use the following link, which will take you to our landing page at WebCE.

*A fee-based insurance policy is often referred to as no-load or low-load and pays no commission to the advisor.

(CFIS™ and Certified Fee Insurance Specialist are certification marks owned by the Fee Advisors Network)

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